Qloud Server

Qlooud Server




- Automatic server discovery on local network using Bonjour service

- Provide share video/music/images files of disk folder

- Support create user account and set access control setting of shared folders

- Provide audio and subtitle language setting

Download for Windows
Download for Windows
- Qloud Server needed to be installed on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.

- For video playback performance, Qloud Server requires sufficiently powerful computer(Intel Core 2 duo or equivalent processor is recommended).

- Configure the Firewall to allow Qloud Server access.

- For video playback performance, recommended maximum 4 users connect to Qloud Server in the meantime.

- When running Qloud Server, you can access it using Qloud Server icon in tray bar. If you have been running Air Video Server before the window will not open. You can access it using Qloud Video Server icon in tray bar (on Windows the icon is in system tray)

- Add shared video/picture/music files of disk folder. set folder type and user access control of shared folders



- Create user account and Password of Qloud Server


- In Network Access screen, it displayed Server PIN code, External/Local Address and Port information. If PIN code is empty, check Firewalls configured that allow Qlould Server access.
- If Qloud Server conversation doesn’t work as expected, you should press “save as” button to generate the log file and send this file to qiss.mobile@gmail.com


- Set video subtitles font, encoding type, Languages and related server window setting.


Steve Chiu

Idea providers:

Steve Chiu

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